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Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser

Peach & Lily

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Power Calm your skin

The Power Calm cleanser is uniquely formulated to respect the skin's natural ecosystem while cleansing deeply and thoroughly. The result? Pure, clean skin that's hydrated and deeply calmed.

We worked with our partner lab and pulled out all the stops in cosmetic wizardry to create this next-generation cleanser. Two powerful yet gentle sulfate-free cleansing agents do the heavy-lifting in drawing out impurities. All without stripping skin dry or disrupting the skin barrier. The pH 5.5 formula is then spiked with a cocktail of super-soothing ingredients like "cica," chamomile and camellia. This breakthrough cleanser starts off as a silky clear gel and lathers into the softest, milkiest foam for that perfect deep-cleanse. Hello, pure, clean, hydrated and profoundly calmed skin.

  • 100 ML/3.38 FL OZ

Texture: a lightweight, hydrating gel that lathers into a soft, milky foam

Scent: a faint, calming herbal scent with top notes of lavender and base notes of camellia and chamomile

pH: 5.5

Skin type: suitable for all skin types — even for those with acne-prone, mature, and/or sensitive skin

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The best face wash!

This is the best hydrating cleanser ever!



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