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Love Your FAB Skin

Love Your FAB Skin

First Aid Beauty

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This kit includes five FAB wonders that form a regimen for perfectly refreshed, hydrated and glowing skin!

First, cleanse and remove the day's dirt and grim with our gentle, fragrance-free Face Cleanser. Next, exfoliate and brighten skin with Facial Radiance Pads. Lastly, nourish and hydrate your face and lips with Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer and Ultra Repair Lip Therapy. To amplify your glow and smooth skin’s texture, use Facial Radiance Intensive Peel once or twice weekly.

- 1 oz Face Cleanser
- 60 count Facial Radiance Pads
- 1.7 oz Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer
- 0.5 oz Ultra Repair Lip Therapy
- 0.34 oz Facial Radiance Intensive Peel


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