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We need to talk about your flair.

Introducing our gold-tone brass pin with official Glossier pink hard enamel fill. Our signature “G” logo was inspired by Gothic blackletter, updated and customized by our extra brilliant and super chic design team. Pin it on your sweater, lapel or anywhere else that could use some Glossier.

Source: https://www.glossier.com/products/logo-g-pin

How to use:

Carefully push pin through fabric and secure in place with rubber backing.

Key Ingredients:

Gold-tone Plated Brass A hint of shine—like the three-star sparkle emoji.

Pantone 705 Enamel Fill Smooth glossy hard enamel in signature Glossier pink.

Rubber Backing No snagging or pricking.


0.56" x 0.75"



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