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Liquid Touch Multi-Tasking Sponge

Rare Beauty

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A plush sponge with a diamond-shaped tip for precise application and customizable coverage.

Multifaceted, diamond-shaped sponge is the ultimate multitasker.

Diamond-shaped tip for precise application: Use under eyes, around the nose, and around corners of the mouth.

Large, flat side blends quickly and seamlessly.

Round bottom edge helps buff, blend, bake, and soften harsh edges.

Ultra-soft, warm-activated sponge - use wet for an airbrushed finish.


Wet sponge with water before use.

Gently squeeze out excess water (wrap in towel if necessary).

This multi-tasking sponge can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Diamond-shaped tip is perfect for strategic placement and detailing around the eye.
  • Flat edges are perfect for sweeping and diffusing across the skin.
  • Round edge is perfect for blending and softening edges.

To Clean Sponge:

  • Use gentle soap and water, and roll sponge between hands. Gently squeeze out excess water and air dry.
  • Due to the unique porous texture of the sponge, do not squeeze sponge with nails. Use your fingertips to gently squeeze out excess water.


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