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Face Base Aussie Flyer Recovery Mask

Face Base Aussie Flyer Recovery Mask


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Leave-on Recovery Mask for dried out, dull, jetlagged skin.

From the country with a PhD in jetlag, this leave-on-mask will breathe life back into your skin.

The Aussie Flyer reboots dull, dry skin and brings back moisture, glow radiance. With a solid hit of lanolin plus a punch of mint & coffee to wake, hydrate, and re-condition weary skin.

Slather on a thick layer and leave for 10 minutes (you may feel some tingling). If there's anything left that thirsty skin cells haven't guzzled, pat off the excess with a towel. No need for rinsing. You will be left with juicy, dewy skin, no matter how much sleep you got. This mask has also been formulated to work magic in-flight, so apply in the air to get ahead.

The stronger 'wake-skin-up' ingredients in The Aussie Flyer means it's not suitable for sensitive skin.

60ml / 2.02 fl oz.

Patch test. Apply a thick layer to the face and your skin drink it up. The skin may tingle. Remove any excess after 10 mins, or leave on. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


    Our superstar-hero-ingredient with the big heart. The molecular structure of lanolin mimics human oils, which is why we call it 'Nature's Wonder MoisturiserTM.


    Peppermint oil refreshes the skin to help restore radiance.


    Wakes up skin cells, brings circulation to the surface of the skin to bring back your glow.


    Improves circulation, to re-boot dull skin.

Aqua*, lanolin*, (shea) butyrospermum parkii butter *, cetearyl alcohol*, theobroma cacao seed butter*, cetearyl olivate*, glyceryl stearate*, glycerin*, cetearyl glucoside*, sorbitan olivate*, phenoxyethanol, (soybean) glycine soja oil*, (wheat) triticum vulgare germ oil*, caffeine*, (grape) vitis vinifera seed oil*, xanthan gum*, tocopherol (vit E)*, potassium sorbate*, benzyl alcohol*, citric acid*, (ginger) zingiber officinale root oil*, (peppermint) mentha piperita oil*, (nat) parfum* *naturally derived/dérivé naturellement.



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