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Packed well, legit. Love this product, works wonders for me

I don’t regret giving this brand a try

I was a bit skeptical using this since I’ve never tried incorporating acids into my routine but this is far better than rubbing strange exfoliators on my skin. My skin has been improving a lot and I’ve only used this for around 3 months.

My skin looks better!

I had been meaning to try something from The Ordinary brand and one of the first things I picked up was this. My skin needed a lot of help since I’ve neglected it over the pandemic and this did wonders! Been using it for around 3 months now and I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon. ☺️

Authentic product

Smooth transaction, fast delivery, secured package and authentic product. I will order again soon.

I've been using this for quite sometime now. No peeling experienced. Lightens dark spots and smoothens skin texture. Recommended.

Worth the hype

Bought the smaller size and I love it. I'd say it's one of the more effective exfoliants in my routine. I like putting it on areas with whiteheads/blackheads, and I notice that it helps ease them out, without feeling harsh on my skin. Plus, a little goes a long way so it's worth the price. The small size should last me a few more months since I only use a tiny bit every other day.

Very good for dry skin

This saves my skin when I started using tretinoin (can be very drying). It doesn’t break me out. It stings a bit when I apply but, it goes away quickly. I only use it in the evening because it’s a thick, heavy cream.
SO HAPPY THAT COOLESTMNL is already in shoppee. All her products are authentic & no old stocks… always new.

The Glow Maker
R. Santos
Best Vit.C & Reliable seller

Been looking for a vit.c serum that is stable & similar to skinceutical quality at a very much lower price….and found this The Glow Maker…no regrets…my 3rd bottle. I always order from CoolestMNL since seller knows that vit.c is temperature & time sensitive, I only get new stock….always…wala pa akong natanggap na oxidized na yun vit.c. 🥰🥰🥰

Holy Grail

A holy grail moisturizer. The consistency is pretty heavy so i only use it at night. Great for moisturising and lightening my acne scars, feels great on the skin too. Helps that this product is budget friendly compared to other high end moisturizer but gives the same result. My advice is too hoard during sale. Will repurchase. Please put this on shopee pre order. Thank you coolestmnl! From your forever suki.

Been using this serum for about a month now and it works like a charm :) It didn't make my skin purge and I saw significant results after 2 weeks of use

Good product

It is a good product. Service is well-maintained. I am glad I bought here.

The Glow Maker
Rhea Salvador

Worked pretty well and the price is good too.

Liquid Gold
Julia A
The best

This is my holy grail moisturizer 💛 it's soothing, moisturizing and never breaks me out

Can’t live without

Since the first time I tried it, I know this is the one for me. Used to ask my FA friend to bring me a bottle luckily I found this site. I think I’ll use it forevs.

Lotion P50 PIGM 400
Ghiyll Pangan

Lotion P50 PIGM 400

Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%
Paulo Martin Mercado

Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

two thumbs up!

will order again!

The glow is real!

P50 is the real deal! It brightens and plumps up the skin. It also stops hormonal ances from getting any bigger and makes them disappear quickly. P50 is a staple in my skincare regimen. It truly is a “miracle” in a bottle.
CoolestMNL had been consistent in giving me updates re my order. My only qualm is I wasn’t given any notice beforehand that my order was already shipped out & I was just surprised when the courier was already outside my place. Nevertheless, I will still order from CoolestMNL for all my Biologique Recherche needs in the future.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
Ma Barbara Yatco
5 stars!

It does wonders to my skin! Thanks for this! :)

It's so light on the face!

I use it whenever I need to look a little bit more presentable. No need for make up, this gives me a tan look! :)

It did worked!

I've been using this for a while. I use it once a week and it did made my skin soft! It seems like gentler version of the Sukari Babyfacial from Drunk Elephant. I didn't have much acne to begin with, but my concern was dark spots from previous breakouts which lightened after using this for a few weeks. Definitely recommend this!



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