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Excellent product

I can already see improvements after a week of using this product!


This is a must-have and should be owned by everyone who has a skincare routine!

I just used this every other day for several days, and I think this product may have contributed to some of my cystic acne "ripening out" quickly and drying up fast as well

Legit product

The item is legit.

Legitimate seller, quality products

The item was safely packed in a biodegradable honeycomb packing. It has no cracks, spills, or leaks. I love how my skin feels the morning after I use it.

Must Buy! Thank you.

It was packed securely!

The item was packed securely and there were no leaks. Product is authentic and complete with box.

Light moisturizer

Perfect for my dry skin. Light yet moisturizing without feeling greasy

Perfect for my atopic dermatitis

Glad to have found CoolestMNL selling this since it’s hard to find stores selling Cerava cream here in the Philippines. Keeps my skin moisturized without feeling greasy

Really effective and soothing moisturizer

I bought this months ago and it's definitely something I'd like to repurchase. The texture is creamy and "thick" but not uncomfortable and goes on real smooth.

I have unfortunately bought fake ones online in the past and they hold no candle to the real thing. It feels really moisturizing and soothing to the skin and slightly even calms the redness when my face gets irritated.

Matte Bronzer
Great bronzer!

Very easy to use and the color is great for those with fair skin!


So good! Love this product!

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
Brianna Sta Clara

I have stubborn acne and this product made it smaller. 2 weeks pa lang ako gumagamit ng product but I already see changes. Almost half na lang yung bottle ko huhuhu. But super worth it and very helpful sa skin ko!

Great purchase!

Best moisturizer and very tipid gamitin since a litte goes a long way. Super love this product!

Sulit Purchase!

I’ve only been using this for 2 weeks and I’ve been seeing a lot of progress. Also when my packages arrive, super safe nya :))


Sobrang smooth ng transaction and Super legit talaga yung product kasi almost 1 year and half na ako gumagamit ng Niacinamide. May inoorderan ako sa shopee kaso out of stock so I tried na mag hanap ng shop na legit talaga and then Violaaa nakita ko sila sa tiktok ayunnn umorder na ako. Actually inaya ko din frenny ko na umorder sa kanila. Order na kayoo super legit ng mga products nila.

Lip + Cheek
Melinda Torre
Pretty, natural flush (Werk)

Sooo pretty on the cheeks! It melts into my skin. Very easy to use and blend, is not patchy and doesn't mess up my foundation underneath.

Matte Bronzer
Melinda Torre
Creamy bronzer

Love how easy to use and blend this bronzer is. It's just warm enough for my skin tone (light-medium) - I look like I've gotten a bit of a tan without being orange. Pretty foolproof to use as it is not too pigmented. When I want a more chiseled look, I just set the cream with my usual cooler contour shade.

The best face wash!

This is the best hydrating cleanser ever!

Exactly as described

Very lightweight and refreshing

My favourite face cream

My skin has never looked better since I made the change

The Glow Maker
Vivien Derequito
Skincare essential

Glad I found out about COOLESTMNL. Customer service response is quick and provided answers to query and requests about the product.

Order arrived on time, packed securely as well,

Have been using Mae Love Glow Maker for 2yrs now and one of the visible changes I have noticed is that it gradually improved appearance of sunspots on my face. Using this in AM whether I’m going out or just staying at home, although I read from some articles that vit c serums are most effective when you use it at night.


Must buy!

This is a must buy for those who would like to try the Peach & Lily products ♡

Highly recommended.

Doesn’t dry out the skin too much unlike other cleansers. Best for keeping breakouts at bay. Will repurchase.


The regular strength really helped clear closed comedones just days after using it. I also didn’t have any irritation whatsoever. Will repurchase and maybe try the extra strength formula.



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