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We made the shift! We are *ALMOST* plastic-free


For those of you who have been supporting us for the last few years, you might have noticed that we started changing our packaging late last year to eco-friendly alternatives. We've been using paper bags for our Metro Manila orders and Ranpak Geami Honey Wrap from EconestPH for our provincial orders. We've been talking to our customers since then, getting feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our packaging.

We try to avoid using plastic as much as possible but due to the lack of care from local couriers, we have to secure some products and reuse bubblewraps and boxes from US packaging to make sure it will arrive safely to our customers.

It is not perfect, but we are proud of what we have done. Eco-friendly packaging isn't cheap. It is actually 5x more expensive than bubblewrap.. but with everything that is happening around the world, we think it is worth it.

Now that we are expanding to other platforms like Shopee, we ask for your patience and feedback as we go through another rigorious trial and error of finding the right packaging for our Shopee orders. We hope that you always give us your feedback and continue to support us for the years to come. 


- CoolestMNL team

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